Ruby/Rails Support Engineer (Permanent FT, UK based/US ET hours)

Job description

The Room is a marketplace connecting brands with people who love them. Our customers exchange products and experiences for media generated by influential people on our platform.

  • Great opportunity: UK-based role covering US eastern timezone hours (12noon - 9pm GMT).

  • Varied work: fixing bugs and platform issues + feature development.

  • £50-65k depending on experience, permanent, full-time with 24 days annual leave.

  • Employee share option scheme plus benefits.

  • Mostly remote (1 day/month in our London office + occasional meetings, travel).

  • Ruby/Rails/RSpec + bonus: React/Next.js, Vercel, Heroku, Postgres etc.

About us

  • A well-funded, revenue-generating startup/scaleup. Our customers exchange products and experiences for media generated by influential people all through our platform.

  • A great bunch of folks. We're 35 people including Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Data and Finance. Come join our friendly Product & Tech team of 9 people (1 iOS, 1 Android, 1 frontend, 3 backend, 1 designer, 2 product managers).

  • Inclusive & authentic. Inclusion is one of our core values. You’re welcome no matter your age, gender, sexuality, race or physical ability. We believe your experience is valuable and you should have a voice.

Exciting times ahead. The influencer marketing space is poised to grow massively over the next decade, bringing opportunities for both the company and you in your career. Come join us for the ride!

What you’ll do

We're gearing up for the launch of the next generation of our platform, and you will be crucial to its success.

  • Help keep our platforms running smoothly. You'll get to know our systems inside-out, especially our Rails API and Next.js frontend. You'll be responsive to platform alerts as well as debug (and fix) issues that may come up.

  • Support our customers. You'll provide high-quality support to the eclectic mix of influencers on our platform, as well as brands running campaigns.

  • Interact with real people. Often, as technologists, we're tucked away behind the scenes. There's nothing quite like the thrill of speaking to real people who use our platform and delighting them by shipping a fix to their issue.

  • Enjoy variety; the spice of life. As well as supporting our customers, you'll have plenty of opportunity to use your development chops to build new features and polish old ones. You'll also be able to input your own ideas on ways we can improve.

  • Be autonomous & independent. Although we'll provide you with the support you need, you'll have a good degree of autonomy. For a few hours each day, you'll be our one-person US support team.

  • Automate & improve. Help us to eliminate or automate any mundane support requests so you and the rest of the team can focus on things that are more valuable and rewarding.

How we work

  • UK-based, (almost) fully remote. Work from home or use our office near Farringdon in London, it's up to you. We have occasional meet-ups and team events at the office, typically one day a month (travel expenses covered etc).

  • Ego-free zone. We strive for--and believe we achieve--a friendly, safe place to work based on respect and collaboration.

  • We're truly agile. Beyond the basics (cross-functional team, stand-ups, sprint planning, retrospectives etc), we actually make significant changes to our process based on our self-reflection and change course when new information comes to light.

  • We ❤️ Domain Driven Design (DDD). Our domain layer is the heart of our system - it's part of our special sauce. For example, we think hard about naming things to form our Ubiquitous Language, and slay God objects with Bounded Contexts.

  • We write things down. We place a high value on written communication e.g. we record our decisions with Architectural Decision Records (ADRs) to ensure we're all aligned and so we can re-evaluate things in future if circumstances change.

  • Pairing-lite. We're not pairing zealots, but do find it valuable for staying sharp and sharing knowledge within the team.

  • Informed decisions. We take the time to do research at key decision points (e.g. which 3rd party tool to use), and discuss and decide as a team.

  • We CI/CD. We like writing automated tests and building reliable deployment pipelines that give us confidence in the software we deliver.

  • Familiar tools. We use a common set of tools: Jira for organising our work; Confluence for documentation, and Google Workspace (G Suite) and Slack for communication.

  • Mac or PC; you decide. When you start, we’ll get you a MacBook Pro or high spec PC laptop, whichever you prefer.

Job requirements

These are pretty essential for the role:

  • Strong Ruby/Rails. You know your ActiveRecord associations from your controller actions. You've likely got at least two years of recent work experience, and have built and deployed multiple apps.

  • Confident & self-sufficient. Although you'll have some overlap with the rest of the team, once you've ramped up your knowledge, you'll be on your own for a few hours each day. You'll need to be well organised, think like an owner, and know when to ask for help or clarification.

  • Strong debugging skills. Can you generate theories about what's going wrong and test these out to quickly pinpoint the cause of an issue? The faster you can track down or replicate an issue, the faster you can fix it.

  • Strong written & verbal skills. You'll be supporting our users mostly over email and Slack so it's important that you can help them solve their issues while being as friendly and articulate as possible.

  • Fluent with Git/GitHub. This is a foundational technology for source control and collaboration that you need to be comfortable with

It would be bonus if you had some of these

  • React experience. This would be great to help out with our Next.js frontend.

  • Database and SQL skills. This is a great tool to have in your arsenal both for debugging issues and for reporting or data analysis.

  • Web fundamentals. HTML, CSS and JavaScript, web standards, performance optimisation and accessibility.

  • Android or iOS experience. We're building native app clients on these platforms, so some familiarity with app development would come in handy.

  • Design & UI thinking. We care about crafting a great experience for our users and believe this is part of what sets us apart. This means understanding the challenges our users face, and having input into the UI we provide to solve them.

Hiring process
We don’t believe in take-home tests. We don’t use whiteboard evaluations. We try to keep the process as painless as possible.

Here's the deal:

  • Intro chat (15 min, video call). Jump on a call with us for a quick chat, to do some introductions and to make sure we’ve got all the basics covered.

  • Pairing task (1hr, video call). Next, there's a one-hour screen-share/video call for a technical assessment with two of our software engineers. We’ll send you a brief beforehand so you can prepare. You'll work on a small feature and talk about your decisions as you’re coding.

  • Meet a founder (30min, video call). The final stage is to have a chat with one of our founders (or in rare circumstances, someone in the management team). This is a chance to get to know you a little bit more and for you to get more insight into the company and where we’re headed, before making a formal offer.

That’s it!

To apply, click “Apply”, fill out your details and we’ll be in touch (no agencies or recruiters, thanks).